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After 150 Years of Rolling Them, Tampa Is Close to No Cigars
NY Times - Tue, Jul 22 2014
New regulations could lead to the closing of the last cigar factory in the historic Ybor City, a Tampa neighborhood that was once home to scores of cigar makers.

Jury Awards $23.6 Billion in Florida Smoking Case
NY Times - Sun, Jul 20 2014
A jury in Florida awarded a staggering $23 billion judgment against R. J. Reynolds, the country’s second-largest tobacco company, for causing the death of a smoker who died of lung cancer at the age of 36.

Texas Sheriffs Mull Selling E-Cigarettes to Inmates
NY Times - Sun, Jul 20 2014
While traditional cigarettes are banned from most jails, vendors of e-cigarettes, which vaporize a liquid solution for inhalation, see a big market in Texas.

Cruise Lines to End Smoking on Balconies
NY Times - Thu, Jul 17 2014
Carnival and Norwegian cruise lines will enact a ban on smoking on balconies later this year.

E-Cigarette Makers Are in an Arms Race for Exotic Vapor Flavors
NY Times - Wed, Jul 16 2014
Most cigarette flavorings have been outlawed since 2009, out of concern that they lure the young into nicotine addiction, but the industry is adding hundreds of flavors every month.

Investors See Pricing Power in Tobacco Deal
NY Times - Tue, Jul 15 2014
Reynolds and Lorillard have gained more than $10 billion in market value since talk of a merger surfaced. Investors apparently like the idea of a duopoly in cigarettes, writes Kevin Allison of Reuters Breakingviews. But will regulators?

GuruFocus Names Five Dividend Growers
Topix - Tue, Jul 22 2014
During the past week, GuruFocus recognized five companies as dividend growers. In order to be qualified for this list, the company had to: The following five companies come from various industries and sectors of the market, but they all fit the necessary criteria needed to qualify them as dividend growers.

Widow: Jury sent tobacco company a $23B message
Topix - Tue, Jul 22 2014
A Florida widow awarded $23.6 billion in the death of her chain-smoking husband on Monday called the massive verdict a message to Big Tobacco, even though she likely won't see much if any of the money.

Imperial Tobacco gets RJR, Lorillard brands in deal, but avoids fallout from smoking lawsuits
Topix - Mon, Jul 21 2014
Winston is the top brand being bought by Imperial Tobacco Co. in a three-way deal that has Reynolds American Inc. acquiring Lorillard Inc. In its deal with Reynolds American Inc. , U.K.-based Imperial Tobacco Co.

Midday Roundup: Smoker's widow gets billions in damages
Topix - Mon, Jul 21 2014
Sending a message. A Pensacola, Fla., jury awarded $23.6 billion late Friday to the widow of a longtime smoker who died of lung cancer.

London midday: Housing, tobacco stocks lead UK markets lower, but Tesco gains
Topix - Mon, Jul 21 2014
Data showing the first fall in UK house prices this year was dampening a number of housing and construction stocks in London, while tobacco stocks were lower on the news of a major fine imposed on US group RJ Reynolds.

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open
Topix - Mon, Jul 21 2014
This is one of the largest awards against a tobacco firm, but the company is looking to avoid the massive payout.

Up To Speed: R.J. Reynolds slapped with $23.6B verdict over one smoker
Topix - Mon, Jul 21 2014
A Florida jury awarded $23.6 billion in punitive damages against RJ Reynolds Tobacco in a case involving a single smoker, a man who died of lung cancer in the 1990s.

Tobacco stocks weigh on FTSE after RJR fine
Topix - Mon, Jul 21 2014
Britain's top equity index fell on Monday as tobacco stocks were hit by a multi-billion-dollar fine against U.S. rival RJ Reynolds.

Tobacco stocks weigh on UK's FTSE after RJR fine
Topix - Mon, Jul 21 2014
Britain's top equity index fell on Monday as tobacco stocks were hit by a multi-billion-dollar fine against U.S. rival RJ Reynolds.

Andrew Pierce: Silly Berger's jibe has gone up in smoke
Topix - Mon, Jul 21 2014
Politicians with any iota of sense always check to see that they haven't got any skeletons in their own cupboard before going into rottweiler-mode about a rival's past.

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